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Do Weight-Loss Clinics Really Work?

Excessive weight is a problem plaguing a large volume of population in many countries over the world and of course this is not an easily solvable problem. Weight loss cannot be achieved in a day and requires you to undergo massive changes in your lifestyle and diet to achieve satisfactory results. Often, the stubborn fat does not seem to disappear despite adopting all the measures possible to lose weight. Diet charts downloaded from the internet and a regular workout in the local gym might yield favourable results but none of these options are scientifically sound and you may not be aware of the side effects of a sudden crash diet or a random gym workout on your health and well being. So, you might be confused as to what would be the right way to lose body fat? Presently, the concept of weight loss clinics is gaining high momentum. This could be your answer to lose weight in a scientific manner.

 So, what is a weight loss clinic?

A weight loss clinic is a place where you can seek medical assistance to lose weight. The clinic is usually equipped with physicians, nutritionists and exercise instructors who are well trained in suggesting ways and means to lose weight in the most scientific manner possible. The services of such clinics include measuring your internal biometrics, devising a personalized weight loss plan based on your biometrics and other needs of your body and providing medical supervision throughout the execution of your weight loss plan. The clinic will offer you its services in return of payment from your side.

 Does a weight loss clinic really work?

Weight loss boosts the confidence and self esteem of individuals as it results in a positive change in physical appearance. Today weight loss clinics like the weight loss clinic at Virginia Beach is helping many clients achieve their dreams of losing weight to look fit and fine. However, for those who have not yet treaded this new path of applying for a medically supervised weight loss program, a number of question might be hovering around your mind and the most important one being ‘Does weight loss clinics really work?’. Even though most consider medically supervised weight loss programs are super new, this is a myth. For ages, doctors have been prescribing patients with diet pills and liquid diets to help them control weight. However, the lack of proper scientific investigations and knowledge often resulted in adverse side effects of these weight loss treatments. The scenario completely changed in the past few decades. With medical science rapidly developing and reliable scientific data continuously pouring in, it is now possible for doctors and nutritionists to prescribe weight loss programs which are guided by scientific facts and hence extremely reliable and safely applicable. Clinics like the weight loss clinics at Virginia Beach harness such scientific data to design programs that help their clients achieve weight loss. To learn about the efficacy of the weight loss programs at these clinics, you can go through the testimonials of clients of these clinics. Their positive response will surely amaze you. This is definitely the most scientific and sound way to undergo a weight loss program. The certified and highly skilled doctors of a weight loss clinic will always be there to assist you and curtail your program according to your health complaints to achieve maximum results in the safest possible way.

Dr. Gershon Steven Gershon, M.D., is the medical director at Gershon Pain Specialists in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor with specialties in pain management and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, he provides compassionate care that incorporates traditional, alternative, and holistic therapies for the best patient outcomes.

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