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The Value of Aging Well

Yes- Aging is inevitable- 

Growing older is a fact of life, and yes, aging is inevitable, but how we experience aging is up to us! 

Society tends to promote youth and extravagance more than maturity, thus creating a false notion that aging is a form of punishment and that diseases are a byproduct of getting older. This narrative tends to drive modern medicine and healthcare protocols. 

There is another way!

The practice of Preventative Medicine reframes traditional notions associated with aging as well as the conventional "diagnose-and-treat" approach and instead offers an innovative approach to overall health and well-being.

Preventative medicine is proactive medical approach to healthcare that aims to prevent illness and disease before they occur. This approach involves taking steps to identify and reduce risk factors that could lead to health problems, such as lifestyle choices, environmental factors, hormonal imbalance and genetic predispositions.

At Gershon Preventative Medicine, we believe that prevention is the key to the promotion of health and vitality.

We focus on discovery – getting real answers to your specific health concerns.  We travel far beyond the conventional approach of quick, routine exams and generalized estimates, based on body type, gender, and age.  Instead, we get down to the truth about your unique situation, starting with a comprehensive evaluation – an extremely thorough set of diagnostic tests that establish your personal metabolic and physical baseline, and current biological age – how old you really are.  We rely on this evidenced-based data to see the big picture, uncovering your strengths and vulnerabilities.

By addressing these risk factors early on, we are able to establish wellness and treatment plans that can help individuals maintain good health and avoid the need for more intensive treatments down the road. Overall, this preventative approach is essential to maintaining overall health and well-being, and can help individuals live longer, healthier and happier lives.

At Gershon Preventative Medicine, we work with our patients to create multi-faceted programs individual to their needs. Our programs help patients manage their health goals and allow them to feel empowered in the process of aging. 

Research shows our synergistic whole-life approach helps individuals restore and maintain optimal health, so they live well longer.  Gershon Preventative Medicine keeps your health on course, tracking progress, reviewing test results, discussing examinations, and determining adjustments to your personal program along the way.

As a result, you enjoy youthful aging, living out your years with vitality, vigor, and a higher quality of life – with improved cognitive functions, enhanced libido, lean body mass, decreased body fat, better skin tone, improved cholesterol scores, a stronger immune system and healthier bones.

The Gershon Preventative Medicine strategies have helped men and women across the country regain their edge.  You can count on progressive, evidence-based health solutions, delivered by a physician board-certified in preventive-aging medicine.

It's never too early, and never too late.

Let us partner with you to maximize your health potential.

Contact us at (757) 693-9367 for a life-changing, confidential discussion.


Steven Gershon M.D.

Dr. Gershon Steven Gershon, M.D., is the medical director at Gershon Pain Specialists in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor with specialties in pain management and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, he provides compassionate care that incorporates traditional, alternative, and holistic therapies for the best patient outcomes.

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