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Interventional Pain Management Specialist

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When it comes to treating pain, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Interventional pain management strategies focus on the whole person, using various methods to help you end pain and live a healthy life. To find out which methods are best for you, visit Steven Gershon, M.D. at Gershon Pain Specialists. With a multidisciplinary practice in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the team provides pain management therapies for patients both young and old. Begin your journey by booking a personalized consultation: Call the office or schedule online to get started today.

Interventional Pain Management Q & A

What is interventional pain management?

Interventional pain management is different than most traditional treatment methods used today. Instead of an immediate recommendation for pain medication or surgery, interventional pain strategies emphasize the importance of a precise diagnosis, a comprehensive treatment program, and the use of pain-blocking strategies.

At Gershon Pain Specialists, the team uses a variety of injections and other therapies to help you eliminate pain quickly. Since each patient’s treatment plan is customized, interventional pain management can help you achieve faster results that enable long-term healing.

Which interventional pain management techniques are used?

At Gershon Pain Specialists, your treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment of your symptoms, your health history, and your desired goals. Your treatment plan may include numerous therapies, including:


  • Epidurals: often used for low back pain; effective when other methods aren’t
  • Sacroiliac joint injections: for joint dysfunction or associated conditions
  • Hip, knee, or shoulder joint injections: to relieve pain and reduce inflammation
  • Viscosupplementation: lubricates joints and relieves pain from arthritis
  • Trigger point injections: relieves muscle knots and tension
  • Prolotherapy/proliferative therapy/non-surgical ligament and tendon reconstruction: a regenerative joint injection that stimulates healing to repair joints and connective tissue

Combined with lifestyle strategies, dietary interventions, physical therapy, and other modalities, these techniques can help you recover from injury, heal from chronic conditions, and maintain your long-term health.

What are the benefits of interventional pain management?

When it comes to pain, finding an effective solution is often a long journey. Interventional pain management strategies utilize a comprehensive approach that enables each patient to achieve lasting results. With several options and an emphasis on proper diagnosis, the Gershon Pain Specialists team use conventional, alternative, and holistic methods to ensure your total body health.

With interventional pain management strategies, many patients can avoid surgery and wean off prescription pain medication use.

What results can I expect with interventional pain management treatment?

While each patient’s journey is unique, you can count on Gershon Pain Specialists to help you find relief and healing. The team utilizes methods that offer immediate symptom relief as well as long-term recovery. To request a personalized consultation, book an appointment online or call the office today.