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Nutritional Therapy Specialist

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There’s a reason your mom always told you to take your vitamins: The right minerals and nutrients can tremendously support your health. To learn how nutritional therapy can help you achieve your wellness goals, visit Steven Gershon, M.D. at Gershon Pain Specialists. The practice offers customized dietary guidance that helps increase energy, fight disease, burn fat, improve mood, and more. If you live in the area of Virginia Beach, Virginia, get started with a personalized consultation by calling the office or booking online today.

Nutritional Therapy Q & A

Who needs nutritional therapy?

The notion that people can get all their essential nutrients from food is outdated. While it’s possible to obtain many nutrients from your diet, there are a plethora of influences in the modern world that make it difficult for the average American adult to maintain their health strictly through food.

Emerging research demonstrates that many people are deficient in critical nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and magnesium, among others. There are many reasons why nutritional deficiencies exist. The lack of nutrients in processed and junk foods plays a role, as does nutrient-depleted soil, environmental toxins, and chronic stress.

Most people need customized nutritional therapies and supplements to fight off disease, combat inflammation, increase energy, and maintain health over the course of their lifetimes.

What conditions can nutritional therapy address?

Nutritional therapy can address various conditions and symptoms, including:

  • Common cold and flu
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Food allergies or sensitivities
  • Digestive concerns
  • Wound healing
  • Sports recovery

There’s a multitude of supplements and dietary modifications that can assist the body’s metabolic, immune, and musculoskeletal health, depending on your specific condition or needs.

How does nutritional therapy work?

Nutritional therapy utilizes specific tools to assess deficiencies and address them with the right diet, high-quality supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Your provider sees you as a complete organism with your own “bio-individuality.” Based on this framework, they create a custom nutritional plan to restore the balance of your health. Nutritional therapy utilizes three tools:

  1. The interview: an initial meeting that includes an overview of how nutritional therapy works and discussion of your symptoms
  2. Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ): an online questionnaire that helps your practitioner create the right nutritional plan for you
  3. Three-day food journal: a record of everything you consume for three consecutive days; should usually include two weekdays and one weekend day

With these tools, your practitioner can conduct a complete and thorough evaluation and create specific recommendations for improving your health and quality of life.

The initial interview for nutritional therapy lasts about 90 minutes, while the follow-up appointments are 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of nutritional therapy?

Nutrition is a crucial part of complementary medicine, which is the practice of combining treatment methods that may be both conventional and alternative. The right foods and supplements can improve your health outcomes, help you develop healthier habits, and make a direct connection between taking care of your body and feeling good.

To learn how nutritional therapy can help you reach your health goals, contact Gershon Pain Specialists by calling the office or clicking the button to book an appointment online.