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Vitamin D

Even though we live in a beach community, most people in Hampton Roads have low levels of Vitamin D.

Oct 3rd, 2018
Do Weight-Loss Clinics Really Work?

Excessive weight is a problem plaguing a large volume of population in many countries over the world and of course this is not an easily solvable problem.

May 10th, 2018
Weight Loss – It’s your life, make it light!

Losing weight and gaining a healthy looking shape is in the priority list of many a person. However, how much it materializes is a different ball game altogether. The major reason behind this is that most of the practitioners of the weight loss regime ...

May 10th, 2018
Middle Age Obesity Leads to Loss in Brain Function

You know eating healthy and staying fit in the mantra for this year. With a number of fitness apps and smart wears coming up in the market, the fitness freaks are jamming up to take their lifestyle a way ahead with planned nutritional and health treatments

May 10th, 2018